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Our Mission

Our First Mission is to inform the scientific community, governments, IT companies, and the general population of the advantages and revolution in the field of health that could occur if a global immune system with the physical implementation of a Psedovaccine is adopted worldwide.


Our second mission is to be a meeting point for various global collaborators for the rapid implementation of this system ,since the clock is ticking, and the economy and health of mankind are at stake for this Covid-19 pandemic.

Main Objetives

Due to the pandemic that we are experiencing worldwide, we have a proposal that has three main objectives:

1 Stop the coronavirus from advancing

2 Save the world economy

3 Have a pandemic control system for this and future epidemics (universal health control). *


* It is based on a biological concept, but applying informatics.

"Digital Global Immune System"

From that concept an idea derived:

"Digital Pseudovaccine"



This Website is intended for the following audiences:

-Global scientific community (biotechnology personnel, epidemiologists, doctors, etc.)

-Senior executives of information technology companies (to name a few

Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Arduino, etc.)

-Governments of all countries.

-Reporters and disseminators of information.



This proposal is not intended to plagiarize a similar project that is being carried out, it is more intended to help it be implemented, if it is promoted, if people know that there are alternative solutions so this pandemic can be stopped, we will all help to make it happen.

If you are a scientist who is already working on a similar project that has been approved or not, please communicate (with me and scientific community) it is time to take this system to work for the good of humanity, there are people dying and it is not possible to have projects like this in drafts without implemented it, now is the time to create global pressure to have them in operation and let people know that exists hope to end this pandemic...

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