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Theory to end pandemics and implement a Pandemic control system (pseudovaccine digital) and universal health monitoring for the world population in real time.





Due to the pandemic that we are experiencing worldwide, we have a theory that has three main objectives:

1 Stop the coronavirus from advancing

2 Save the world economy

3 Have a pandemic control system for this and future epidemics (universal health control). *

* It is based on a biological concept, but applying informatics.

"Digital Global Immune System"

From that concept an idea derived:

"Digital Pseudovaccine"

This article is intended for the following audiences:

-Global scientific community (biotechnology personnel, epidemiologists, doctors, etc.)

-Senior executives of information technology companies (to name a few

Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Arduino, etc.)

-Governments of all countries.

-Aeronautical and cruise companies.

-Reporters and disseminators of information.

-Public in general who need hope in this pandemic time.


This proposal is not intended to plagiarize a similar project that is being carried out, it is more intended to help it be implemented, if it is promoted, if people know that there are alternative solutions so this pandemic can be stopped, we will all help to make it happen.

If you are a scientist who is already working on a similar project that has been approved or not, please communicate (with me and scientific community) it is time to take this system to work for the good of humanity, there are people dying and it is not possible to have projects like this in drafts without implemented it, now is the time to create global pressure to have them in operation and let people know that exists hope to end this pandemic...





The idea is based on simple biology and applying current technology.

So imagine a short story in three acts, although an animation would be ideal, but in world situation like today, we´re running out of time, it will be later:


1st act

Imagine that all humanity is a single organism, each human is a cell, now see the pandemic, that body (human beings) is somewhat sick, it is weak, it cannot work, its streets are its veins (few flow) they stop the factories, the shops.

It is a body without an immune system, that is, if a virus reproduces, there is no stopping it, it will spread without control.


2nd act

To that body (the world) you generate a global computer immune system, each cell (person) will know how to distinguish whether it is infected or healthy, because

you inject a vaccine (digital pseudo-vaccine) into the streets (which are veins)is where the pseudo-vaccine is distributed (a small package that will arrive by courier to each household), this package arrives at a time when there is a generalized quarantine,  after a time, the pseudovaccine is distributed to each cell (person) and then the situation changes.




3rd act

You encapsulate the enemy in homes and hospitals (from being generalized it converts to a quarantine directed only at infected cells) because your cells (people) are intelligent and have a viewfinder to see the invisible enemy, the enemy is encapsulated in a house or a hospital because they act like the white blood cells that stop the invader as in traditional biology.

You apply the process all over the earth, and in a reasonably short time, the global sick body we had, step by step fills its veins (the streets) again with healthy cells (people).

And the body reactivates and walks again (the economy) and cell deaths (cease).



How is it accomplished? What came to each home in that little box? I tell you that there is no real (traditional) vaccine, and there is also no medicine for disease in that little box (it is not necessary, that would be a second stage).

The main problem we have today is just that we´re trying to reach second stage(normal vaccines), when we don’t have first stage implemented.The box has the Pseudovaccine.

That first stage could be achieved mainly with computers and the pharmaceutical industry.





System´s objective


The main purpose of the system is to have a global informatic system (immune) to control any pandemic that may arise, and a system that provides the number of infected persons centralized by country (in each geographical point), that provides the most affected regions, and that informs the population by means of a test and a reader (electronic device) at the time if it is infected or not and in the same to indicate the steps to follow (each government must be able to configure or indicate what steps to follow is also an information system)





 The test should be given to everyone(at least every family) on earth and have enough Test(test of virus) available for the duration of the pandemic (that's the biggest challenge) but with the epidemic control system in place, all efforts (since vaccines take longer) , will be aimed at creating a cheap, small, reliable and massive test.


System Components

The system consists of 4 main parts

1. The test (the strip where the pathogen is placed and connected by electrical signals to the reader)

2. The reader (device) (could be an Arduino microcontroller that receives the test and interprets whether it is positive, negative, barcode of the test, type of pathogen etc.)

3. The App that synchronizes with the reader (device) and gives the results on the screen to the user, can have several users for a single test (one per family)

4. The pandemic control system (pathogen control) is a server that receives information from all apps in real time.

Note that components 1 and 2(that's what i call pseudovaccine)


Component 1 of 4

The test

The form of the test would be defined by the biotechnology company that develops it, and its electrical connector must be defined in coordination with those who work on the reader (device)


Component 2 of 4

The reader (device to receive the test strip)

The device would be a reader similar to the glucose meters that already exist on the market, which consist of the strip, and the digital reader, and to minimize costs will be build ,without a screen, its screen will be cell phone screen, the size would be like that of a pen drive(USB) .

This device could be made with existing microcontrollers like Arduino.


*Glucose reader and test.​

Component 3 of 4

App on the smartphone

It is a program (app) that all people would install on their cell phones, whose purpose is to communicate in four ways:


*App screen example

-The Reader (device) will be used to detect the test result.

-Data collection system on the web, will collect results that the App throws up, so that the disease control centers in each country can administer and manage the information.

-and with the user (this is where the person knows if he is positive or negative to the disease, on the Smartphone screen)

-To check for a health certificate, be able to be use for authorities.


*App health certificate example

Component 4 of 4

Centralized epidemic control system

It is the centralized epidemic control system where all the results that the App throws at the cell phones arrive, it will define the strategies to take, there will be one per country, or per region, the world health organization must define this in cooperation with the software developers.

This software will reside in the cloud on the internet, each country or region should have one, it provides data such as the number of infected, the places where they are, etc...



Advantages of the pandemic control system (digital pseudovaccine):


-Low cost and easy to design (both in software and hardware)

-It is a digital pseudovaccine (it cuts the virus's reproduction cycle with a specific quarantine, directed only at the infected population)

-Depending on the precision of the test, it could distinguish between immune, positive and negative cases.

-Deliver enough information to monitor the entire world population.


-To know in real time, who is infected, and could distinguish between asymptomatic but infected people and thus have an earlier alert.

-If it is planned with an industry standard worldwide in mind , it could be used to stop , any type of epidemic or pandemic (since the reader must be created to read all kinds of tests, there would be one for, say, bacteria, viruses, diabetes, if for any disease and send the data to the disease control center).

-implantation of a health certificate with expiration time to show it on the Smartphone, to the authority, at the entrances of buildings, shops, airports, cruise ships, and to be able to make checkpoints to control the epidemic and punishments to people, if  they don't adhere to the rules.


Challenges to overcome of the pandemic control system


-Make a world standard for disease testing, so that all tests are manufactured to be compatible with this device.

Thus global efforts when a pandemic arises (or to combat it) will focus on creating a test that would already be ready, to be implemented on a platform that already exists worldwide.


-Pharmaceuticals and biotech companies only need to make it small enough or create an adapter to connect it to this device.


-It is understood that it may not be possible to do different tests for all diseases, but technology is growing so much and it is also miniaturized, what may be possible in the very near future, so that an event like coronavirus pandemic today we are living, do not repeat anymore, thus joining forces to have this technology to distribute it massively.




-I do not mention the system in detail because it depends on which transnational company (Microsoft, Google, IBM, Arduino, etc.) will create the development, considering  times of development , and number of its collaborators, i  just mention Arduino to be able to have a more concrete example.


A suggestion of what the system development distribution might look like:


-Let's say Microsoft in charge of the server software (component 4 of the system, the pandemic control software)


-Google in charge of the App (component 3 of the App system)

-Apple for your devices (component 3 of the App system)

-Arduino could be in charge of designing the reader (component 2 of the electronic device system).


-Pharmaceutical companies (component 1 of the test system) agree to create a standard, and electronics manufacturing companies make the components, governments will provide economic resources, telecommunications companies that make the flow of information generated by this system free, logistics companies will distribute the product.

World's medical community can collaborate with software designers to include the information they consider relevant, dividing the work among all companies around the world will shorten the time of the pandemic.


-The part that corresponds to the hardware companies, I consider hardware companies are ready to be able to generate this device in a short time and make it cheap as well as distribute it massively.


-As for the software, it may be done in record time by a large software company, because it isn’t a difficult program.


-The most difficult and complicated part will be the part to standardize tests and miniaturize them, but if there is a coordination with these three sectors mainly (Hardware, software and biotechnology), and all the other sectors of the industry (manufacturing companies,  logistics companies like DHL, Fedex) telecommunications (At & t, China Mobile, Verizon Communications, Vodafone, etc.) and all the governments of the earth can put the monetary resources to pay for the device and the test to each family of its population.


-I consider that if someone is thinking of making money from this, desist in favor of humanity, that it be a gift for all, it would also be very important to make this Open Source project so that each country could later modify it to their needs and make it a right of every human being to have access to it.

For selfish people and corporations it is that everyone seeks to earn something and that is why working as a team has always been working like with the enemy, but in this case there is only one common enemy: pathogens.


-I consider that the world will be prepared in case a new epidemic arises, and thus be able to counterattack as soon as there is a test for the pathogen, the first line of defense and all efforts will be to create the test and manufacture it, knowing every person  can be checked by itself on the planet.



Response time of the Digital Pseudo Vaccine


It is difficult to answer this question, given that it has many countries involved, but we can answer an estimate in terms of system development times.

We will divide into three phases:



Phase 1 (prototypes and tests)

-A system is more difficult to encode the more details it has, so it must be done in a first stage with it the minimum number of lines of code to give the medical community the tools to combat the pandemic.

(One month is enough to avoid more human losses, although the big software companies have better structured their development staff and I think that even in 15 days they could have a beta advance)

-About the pharmaceutical industry, its methods and procedures to create tests to detect the virus, have been striving all this time(from January to April), if WHO(World Health Organization) knows how to detect the best candidate (or access the most advanced patents in the world (from a donation) or free use)) you can put them in contact to work together with the hardware engineers who will make the device

(Estimated times, we could not give a time but by working in parallel with the software developers, the idea is that they end up like a prototype themselves) they can have global meetings or a team with their best scientists from various pharmaceutical companies to create the standard test.

-About the reading device of the virus test, at some point I suggested Arduino for the cheap and already have the plants where they are made by millions (they are IOT devices)

(I consider a month too, maybe less for a prototype).


Phase 2 Manufacturing and distribution


I consider that having prototypes finished in a month (remember that it sounds fast but with multinational cooperation it is possible), the next phase consists of manufacturing on a global level, any factory that can help to do both the test and the reading devices, are welcome.



The goal would be to manufacture in a month, but as the batches come out (remember that the pseudovaccines should be deliver as soon as posible) they must be distributed (assisted by all global distributors).

And by internet and television,  teach about their use, for when pseudovaccines arrived  the learning curve could be achieve proficiency.

(Remember that in these times of isolation we have in our favor that many people are making a very rapid adoption of technology for isolation)


Phase 3 System start-up and gradual descent of the contagion curve


Upon receiving the first digital pseudo-vaccines, people and governments will be in charge of controlling the pandemic, in the app a user must be generated for each person who uses the reading device, so if it is positive it can go out, on the street it can have staff checking with a QR code that identifies that it is “clean” and justifies being on the street, and for those who are infected, the same app will tell them that it is appropriate for each country or region.


This is when epidemiologists depending on how many digital pseudovaccine kits are already in operation can predict when the pandemic will end.

But at least we would already have a date, not that as of April 3, 2020 we do not even have an estimate, nor how bad the economy would be, nor if there will be rapine and chaos with the subsequent deaths that could get out of control.


Estimated time (1 month)


Estimated time for pandemic conclusion

 Adding one month per phase being three phases, the best forecast is that there will be results in three months (that would be the goal).

The pandemic could be stop in three months!!! with available technology.

And if this system works we would end the pandemics forever (as long as the system is in operation and with its due updates and maintenance).


The first step in a pandemic would be to focus global resources and scientific efforts to generate the test, with the confidence that there is already a global platform, where to run it in real time.



System costs

It is very cheap, compared to the amount of money that is lost every day, due to have the economies collapsed, it focuses mainly on only 2 of the 4 components that require development:


Components with cost:

1 The cost of the test, the ideal case is that pharmaceuticals companies will lower the cost of manufacturing when becomes massive its production,then only the costs of raw materials and machinery usage ,are covered to attack this pandemic, but with no profit motive for the pharmaceutical companies (that will be their donation ), I cannot give an estimate, just by making a meeting between the WHO and the pharmaceutical companies to apply the best technology and the suppliers of raw materials to manufacture them also donate.

They will be able to give a price to the test.

This is the most delicate part, it is the strongest challenge to carry out this project, since it is the only part of this project that does not have a defined price, and it is also not known if the laboratories will be able (or will want) to generate These tests with the specifications to work with the reader, this cost will surely have to be financed by each government in each country.


2 The reader (electronic device), its cost is that of an Arduino microprocessor with Bluetoot and some input to couple with the test, I consider that it can be done with $ 5 dollars, or less when the design is already there, given that there are Chinese companies that already make these Arduino for millions of units, this cost must also be financed by each government of each country.



Components that can be donated:


3 The App, my request is for it, I wish it to be donated by technology companies and share the code Source to make regional adjustments.


4 The pandemic control system (pathogen control) as well as a donation, being free as well.


And in addition to these 4 there are expenses related to all components:


-Telecommunications companies (internet use) can be donated

-distribution of the pseudo-vaccine kit (test and reader) can be donated or only pay the minimum expenses (by the governments).

-Distribution of cell phones for low-income people, also the most that can be donated.

-Taxes, as part of the aid there should be zero taxes on all the work and components mentioned here.



So summing up the cost will be about $ 5 dollars per family, plus the tests that should be about 15 to 30 minimum per person, since in this way in 30 days it is possible to isolate the sick and put healthy people to work, although epidemiologists, they can decide the number of tests better because they know the factors to consider.



It is worth mentioning that the costs of implantation at a global level in the first stage will be considerable (but accessible and very reasonable) that´s why the costs are paid by itself, the next day that the user holds the device, it will be known if he can continue with his life normally and continue their productivity in society, which translates into global well-being for the economy and not stopping the activity at any time, given that by quarantining their home the authorities can take the necessary measures to prevent their condition from worsening, infecting others or take it, to shelter or to designated places for it.








Request and urgent call


My request is for high-level managers of the technology sector, you have the power to cooperate, and put pressure on the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector to jointly implement a system like this(the first global immune system) and make it our first line of defense against any epidemic that, without having this system, will inevitably be turn into a pandemic, and thus population, technology sector and pharmaceutical sector, let us be one against any pathogen that attacks us now and in the future.

Being the primary objective to save human lives and rescue the world economy.


In addition to all the aforementioned, I believe that it can help in all diseases (universal health control), since if the entire industry performs reliable and cheap tests, people can already have in their hands a valuable tool to take care of their health, either by Any chronic problems that they have, and as time goes by, doctors, software developers, may include improvements to this global system that can be shared and updated throughout the world, we have the means (Smartphones, telecommunications infrastructure, as well as the population already is familiar with this technology)



That each family can detect the pathogen by themselves, is to give a viewer to our population to be able to fight with an invisible enemy.









Theoretical fundament I


The idea of ​​creating this epidemic control system (which we will call the global immune system) is based on the following concepts:

-Fast action (TIME)

A virus with its mutation jumped to the human being in Wuhan, and infected the world with a mechanism of rapid propagation, to stop it you have to be as fast as it, so this system is part of a human counter-mutation (counterattack) to detect Its presence that being a small, invisible enemy, it is only possible to see it with computer systems, we would be giving the population special glasses (the test) to be able to see that invisible enemy.

The rationale for having a global immune system is to be ready for when existing virus mutations or even new viruses, since the efforts to make a vaccine are considerable, especially when time is short, it will always be faster to do only the tests to detect the pathogen, so it can be quick to respond to an attack by a virus or bacteria.

Rapid spread can only be counteracted by rapid detection.


-Handle distances (SPACE)

Modern technology gave us all the interaction that we normally have but also took it away from us, the modern world made the distances between countries shorter and the virus could be distributed more easily on a global level.

So to get rid of the virus, is also with technology.

If technology has reduced distances (world travel by plane and car), technology must also lengthen the distances between those who are carriers, and those who are not infected (the system that I propose, aims to create a directed quarantine, that is, to create distance between cases positive and negative)

In the ancient world with no cars and  no planes, epidemic outbreaks were contained in the regions since you couldn't walk, so far so fast, travel between continents lasted too long so epidemics were more easily contained.


Time and space (analyzed together)

And I mention time and space because any system must take these two variables into account, if your control of the epidemic contemplates, how to deal with time and space, you have a system that may have more possibilities of success.

For example, reopen economy gradually (without a vaccine) as many want, if you analyze it with those two variables, the space between people is very close and there is no discontinuity that protects and stops infections.

Another example is wearing face masks, it helps, (isolate your airways from exterior is a solution considering the space between the interior and the exterior)because creating discontinuities is a good practice and thus analyzing with these two variables you can have better control of an epidemic.

An example of time is the speed at we are touching things, breathing, coughing, is done too many times, in time.

A quarantine slows down time stopping interactions, it is a good practice, however if the virus day after day can make you sick, we need to be synchronized in time with it, that´s why a test (as I suggest done in this proposal) that is applied every 24 hours, for example, is a quick way to contain the disease, it goes hand in hand with it, because it is advancing at the same time as the pandemic.


Managing times and spaces is a priority in a pandemic, without it we are unarmed before it.


-Redefinition of Humankind

You have to see the Humankind as an organism as a single body, where each individual is a cell.

Thus the virus infects each individual (cell), however as humanity (body) we have this pandemic control system (immune system of detection and isolation), thus each cell knows if it is infected and isolates itself from the others, if not they do their normal life, now that we do not have this immune system we are a sick body(world) that half continues to live, and wasting our healthy cells (living in quarantine), while we could save time detecting diseased cells(people) in their initial stages, gaining valuable time to save lives.



-Cut  expansion

If it is true this system does not cure the disease (the laboratories are investigating a real vaccine), but this pseudo-vaccine can isolate the pathogen by cutting off its method of transmission (which influences the rate of reproduction) and thus all the remaining cells can continue their life normal.

Humanity did not have and still does not have a global immune system (it is partial and at the moment it is collapsing) with this it will have a critical part while we gain time so that it can be eradicated with traditional means.

It would be the digital equivalent of a vaccine (since a vaccine can cut its reproductive cycle), a digital vaccine was never manufactured, but the idea is to have different means to solve the same problem.


-Creation of the first global immune system

We would be creating a digital defense immune system for humanity.

Giving time to develop real vaccines that do not require isolation and also time to develop effective cures like the ones needed in coronavirus pandemic.

With a global immune system is possible to revolutionize the current medicine, generating new ways to control diseases, creating new strategies to eradicate them, new ways to attract financial resources such as donations that can be applied worldwide to detect diseases, know where the diseases are. infections, in general the problems that afflict the population, combining this digital pseudo-vaccine with current vaccines, being able to know where the medicines are needed gives the possibility of knowing how many are necessary, before producing them, Also you can do an information mining for all branches of human knowledge.


-Why Pseudovaccine?

I say digital pseudo-vaccine (the test and the reader), because with global computer means taking humanity as a living organism, this pseudo-vaccine is injected into the streets (it is the equivalent of the bloodstream) to arrive to people's homes.

 Every cell makes decisions as to whether or not to enter the blood system (the streets), the government acts as the central immune system through the epidemic control system, and thus the economies of each country are not diminished, that is,  little step by little step, the blood flow in the streets will reestablish itself (in a quarantine like the one we are experiencing, the streets are deserted), and also the entire economic system at all levels will recover, while the health system (acts as white blood cells that they take care of the sick (infected cells) and thus eventually the pathogen stops spreading.


-Controlling epidemics and controlling problems in general, comes from a main idea "Order is everything", the lack of an order (a centralized system) to control this epidemic at all levels causes chaos out there and chaos generates chaos, making a domino effect.

 The computer systems as a general rule, combat chaos, in fact I like more as they say to computers in Spain: order machine.

Theoretical fundament ii

This is not a system only proposition is a theory on how we can end a pandemic , the system shows the means to achive a main goal that is:  end pandemics , not only one but every other pandemic.

We made a discovery about why current pandemic is out of control and how it must be control to end it.

we made some videos showing what is wrong and how to correct the way a pandemic is handled .

Please check our video simulations to see our theory.

Video : simulacion de pseudovacuna 

Workload division to implement the system:


Software companies designing it for free together with the medical scientific community (WHO)

Pharmaceutical laboratories united creating the test (making it compatible with the reader) and manufacturing it.

Manufacturing companies creating the hardware (of the reader)

The courier companies distributing the reader and the test

Companies that manufacture Smartphones by donating them to those who do not have them

Telecommunications companies making free use of bandwidth for this system

Governments donating the reader and the test to the population (The UN facilitating these donations and promoting a balance between those who have monetary resources and those who do not) WHO (involved in software development and coordinating the companies involved)

The world population, having the device and the test, responsible for checking themselves daily (or when they have to leave) and never leaving (being quarantined) without having been checked for the duration of the pandemic

And finally people in charge of aeronautical and cruise ships, buildings, factories, who use the app to check for health certificates in smartphones.

So there are never, close frontiers, more flight restrictions or curfews on the streets.



Furthermore, right now it is the only window we have to make this pandemic a global cooperation. If the pandemic passes, it will be very difficult to implement this pandemic control system and we will not be prepared for the next contingency.

They say that in times of war the greatest advances of humanity occur.



Let's unite as a single organism !!! .... to make this immune system a reality for humanity, we can all do something about it now !!!

And non-profit because the health of humanity should not be a luxury but a human right.


In times of war we cannot afford to say that it cannot be done…




Eduardo Delgado

Entrepreneur and software developer (Theorist)






Important note:

This initiative is intended to bring together other projects that already exist or possibly already have people working on a similar project, however the objective of this presentation is to make it clear how such a system definitely: "we do not have it working" and currently saving lives throughout the world and should be implemented as soon as possible worldwide.

Not only to combat coronavirus pandemic but any pandemic still to come and in any case who sees this presentation and already has a similar system, join us as collaborators and be able to know that this system will be up and running in a short period of time.

I know for sure that there are jobs from various companies, and from various sectors, but the only thing is that they are not being applied globally (the virus knows no borders), and what is important in this proposal are two main concepts in biology and informatics:

-global immune system and digital pseudo-vaccine, everything else will help the implementation of these two concepts, and since no company in the world has the capacity to make this system, and make it reach the entire population, that is the awareness that I want to do in epidemiologists, doctors, business owners of Information Technology and Laboratories.

In case you need a copy below is the complete project

Pseudovaccine spanish

Pseudovaccine english

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