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Book: "A global immune system to end this pandemic and future ones."

We are an organization that has a solution to the pandemic and it can be corrected right now, it is not only a book, in it we have all the strategy to achieve it, we want it to transcend and implement everything written in it.

                    We hope you like it and you can distribute it to whomever you wish, the important thing is to end the pandemic.

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There are alternative solutions to the pandemic of 2020, for years we were never prepared, this book delves into the real root of the current problem, explaining why we have not been able to adequately contain the virus and why having vaccines is not the ideal solution to prevent the repetition of another pandemic of any origin.
It gives a new vision, based on scientific hypotheses, proposing other ways of looking at human civilization and the interactions between us, giving a solution to return to normality, to get out of the present problem in a short time and prevent future pandemics.

             We are giving away the book because we believe it is an innovative research in the way of looking at pandemics, from a new point of view, the world trend points to it, applications that look for infected contacts, virus checks in many places, airlines demanding the test before boarding, But all are not yet unified in a single theory, the book has hypotheses of much weight to justify the creation of a global system of pathogen control, if you are a doctor or have interference in health this book will make you reflect and change your way of thinking about the origin of pandemics and how to solve them.  

Or visit Amazon, we leave you the link to the book, if you want to help our project you can buy it: via @AmazonUK 

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