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Hello, if you came to this page motivated to contribute to society with the pandemic that we are suffering, surely you have already read the project of this organization (digital psedovaccine), if so, we have a place for you.

We need professionals who can work directly with us, initially you will work for free, but when our work let us achieve some goals, if the initiative is well received by the public, we could have donations and receive a salary.

If you have time and preferably you have experience in the following fields:
-graphic design
-social networks
-previous experience in non-profit organizations.
-Hispanic speaking and english-speaking person
You can be part of this team, for the implantation of the global immune system with the digital pseudo-vaccine.

Note: If you have other skills let us know and we'll talk about it.

We need:

Diseñador industrial

Graphic Designer

still there's a vacancy

medios de comunicación social digital

Social networks communicator

Still there's a vacancy

Image by Perry Grone

person to help coordinate non-profit organizations

Still there's a vacancy

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